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Re: Financial Astorlogy: EURO feb-jun2019 Turning points and period Predict

HaoYue, Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:45 am

Eurusd_Feb-June_turning_Predict: Until_Now_aLL_Correct

All predict I wroted on 23 feb 2019
Based on gann and planets to make eurusd trading time segmentation

《FinancialAstrology:EURO,predict,Feb-June2019...》posted (1)-(5)
Original Link:
if you interest you may go it for see the last posted

On 23 feb 2019 posted 《FinancialAstrology:EURO,predict,Feb-June2019...》 (1) to (5)
The (1)-(3) is correct, now ingress (4)

《FinancialAstrology:EURO,predict,Feb-June2019... (1)》
Predict 1: time segmentation(22/25 feb - 1 mar)
Result: correct 22 Feb LOW 1.1315, 28 feb HIGH 1.1418 , 1 mar HIGH 1.1407

《FinancialAstrology:EURO,predict,Feb-June2019... (2)》
Predict 2: time segmentation(4 mar - 7/8 mar)
Result: correct 4 mar high 1.1407 drop until 7 mar EurUSD low 1.1175

Predict 3: time segmentation(after 7/8 mar until 13-15 mar)
Result: correct 7 mar low 1.1175 rises to 13 mar high 1.1337,
15 mar high 1.1343
         13-15 mar shake price hold on 1.131-1.134 range

《FinancialAstrology:EURO,predict,Feb-June2019... (3)》
Predict 4: time segmentation(After 13-15 mar to 21 mar
     And next turning point on 20-22 mar, and high is 21 ma, because
21 mar sun ingress aries and chinese 24 astro (spring segementation)

Result: correct 15 mar to 19 mar, eurusd price hold on 1.133-1.136 range,until it ingress to next turning prediod 20 mar, it breakout 1.136 and rises to 21 mar 1.1446 high point, and then turning. Invert occured.

Predict 5: time segmentation(21 mar -28/29 mar)
Result: correct on 21mar high 1.1446 eurusd drop to 28 mar 1.1212 low

29 mar, time ingress to my predict
《FinancialAstrology:EURO,predict,Feb-June2019... (4)》
On (4)
Predict 6: time segmentation(29 mar to 9-11 april)
After 11 april, i have not posted detail time segmentation, just simple to said have trend on mid april to june. When i have time,hold i have time for write and posted it.

Now , return to topic “Predict 6 “ today mecury end on Retrograde, it will start new trend to 9-11 april, until 11 april is large rates, (but 29 mar have small events, the wrose cause by big data it maybe cause invet delay 3 days, but it is smaill probaility) so you need to hav good money management for allocate different Position for delay patterns or other when if it occured. and hold it to 9-11 april. Totally profitable high rates.
On Beijing Time 22:00/22:30 vote of Britain exiting from EU

3 of EURUSD support reference: 1.121, 1.115, 1.109
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