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Re: Financial Astorlogy: EURO feb-jun2019 Turning points and period Predict

HaoYue, Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:51 am

Financial Astrology: GBPUSD PRICE Return To 20/21Feb price range?

According to planets : on 12 Jan 2019, i said GBPUSD get prices return patterns.

prices return have 2 patterns :

First is 19-22 mar prices return to 20/21 feb price range ( around 1.3)

Second is 6-9 Apr prices return to 19-22 mar price range
Now, technical analyst is fit the first price patterns more so can short GBPUSD 1.328 and hold it to 20/21mar 2019, around 1.3

ie. if second patterns occured, then gbpUSD on 6-9 Apr ,prices return to 19-22 mar prices range , then now will rises more, so the stop lost far, please according to your risk management for cal your lots or small lots use large stop lost or other .....
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