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Re: Blessing EA

piphunter, Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:38 am

Hi Traders/Coders,

I posted some interessing backtest results in the J Talon Forum under the username "klappsmond".
Now I need some little coding help:

Attached please find the Blessing version with multiple indicatos and one custom indi called "Chop index".
I would like to use the chop index indicator in the Multiindicator Blessing version.
It would be nice if a coder could add that indi to Blessing and the external variables for the Chopindex: Timeframe and Threshold value for allowed trades.
The default value is 61.8 for choppy markets
Since Blessing is a Grid trader I want to restrict buy/sell only to the market conditions with high choppy values (ranging market)

This should probably be no problem for an experienced coder.

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Blessing_3_v3.9.6.03 Multi-Indicator 15.Sep.2011.mq4
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