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PSA 30min theory

Deez, Thu Feb 07, 2019 9:59 pm

Hopefully this will be the last strat come up with since I always seem to come back to the PSA indi having tried countless indies and combinations.

The problem with almost all indies is the lag especially when it comes to tells you a move has happened NOT your entry point. And then you have to wait for the pullback to happen and then enter the trade hoping the pullback doesn't turn into reversal.

Few things that remains constant are S/R and a currencies basket strength.

S/R is probably why strats 'fail' bcos the strength of S/R's is determined by the big boys so if someone with alot of money wants price to go up then price will go up - it doesnt care what your indi/arrow says.

So the way I use the PSA is I measure the 1hr and 4hr strength of a currency and enter a trade every 30mins - 1 trade every half an hour with 5min expiry, trade small and martingale if i have too.

The PSA conveniently tells me which pair to trade. Will test this strat and see how good it actually is(or bad).

So far 4/4 trades from this morning - next trade at 1:00
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