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Re: AstroTrading Of EurUsd UP 250Pips & GBP will price return March or April

HaoYue, Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:25 am

the first charts i made on half months ago on other place of internet

the golden color exactly is venus. on 31 jan. assume energy to venus for new cycle higher then 1.144, (1.144 to 1.156 view the Gann 12 charts)

i add long position on 30/1/2019 1.142 based on i have 1.13to 1.136 long position.
well , eurusd 1.1500 now, exactly on 31 jan, venus provide energy
Target no change! around 1.155-1.16
but SL is important, all the positions SL move to entry points. and last day i added long position on 1.142 already take profit. around 1.149
2019013103_GMT8_EURUSDentryNew Cycle.png

on future around 9 Feb 2019 GBP have entry points. pls notice .

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