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Re: AstroTrading Of EurUsd UP 250Pips & GBP will price return March or April

Intrest 1, Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:52 am

HaoYue wrote:
Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:12 pm
By Gann 12 cycle Method, the new cycle is 133 and 132 position , like EurUsd prices 1.133 and 1.132


By Planet
moon and pluto square on 26 jan 2019 16:30 , it is saturday
so we usd the last day , actually is the day of my posted 25 jan 2019

but 25 jan have euro news by European Central Bank, so it may cause stop hunter. At that Time , i have not use Gann , i use two geometry formulas cal the low around 1.129 and use technical analysis Eliot’sWAve same is low = 1.129 , triple confirm with planets. (My Chinese Posted Suggest the cut lost need under 1.129)

By Gann AND Technical Analysis
But if yous based on gann method and technical analysis, you can wait entry long until the price from 1.1289 rises and breakout 1.132, why? ( gann 12 cycle resistance 1.132,1.33) , and daily trend line resistance of eurusd around 1.133 , 1.132 breakout mean double confim 1.129 is bottom .
Actually, all of naked Candlestick is good for confirm cycling trading, i always used.

By Technical
I have a goal of the euro about the same.
over the normal TMA channel.
Larry Williams is a daily chart trader and his Ultimate Oscillator has periods of 7,14,28. which corresponds to a quarter of the phase, half of the phase and full phase of the moon in calendar days on daily charts.
I added a TMA channel with a period of 20. This is the full moon phase without days off.
and the purpose of the euro is there
where and by the gann method
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