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Re: *WIP* FerruFX's Multi-Info Evo

econome, Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:09 am

Hi Moey,

Not much changes yet - but now the colors can be changed in case of other backgrounds.

This background is based very loosely on "Skimming Swallow - White" from this forum and I have changed the color settings according to match background.
Only change the colors in the input tab.

The indicator still needs work and cleaning.

In terms of the template, as many might ask questions. I will gradually share most of the template indicators for this setup and the one in the black charts above.

If you see where I have circled with purple circles, that is a possible early entry on close of the candle. I need to test these out more.

Where I have put dark green dashed lines is possible long entries (but should probably only take these when Multi-info is showing >60% long really - not sure if that was case at relevant time), where I have put red line is clear short entry. It is possible that the second dark green, dotted vertical line was a genuine long.

***This makes for a call for a simple BAR type oscillator that can be set such as [DARK RED] RED, AMBER, GREEN, [DARK GREEN] to guide if the buffer for the multi-info is [30%], 40%, 40-60%, 60%, [70%] red / green. Non-repainting would be amazing, but probably hard.

***This thread does need a head of coding partner. Please PM and/or post if you have time to make.

So from top to bottom, I've put on the chart:

(1) A median price average (blue) set at 5 periods.
(2) SMA 20,50,100,200 from the daily chart (3 of these the price has now dropped below).
(3) FXSniper's LSMA set at 34 periods
(4) A Linear regression channel set at 15 periods
(5) A FX Factory calendar
(6) The arrows and bombs I am not going to go into here. You will get to work them out in time. But you can see, there are 6 types (one looks like fractal, two are diagonal, one is big thin, one is hollow arrow, one is curly arrow).
(7) You have a magnified market price and candlestick timer there also.

Off the chart you have info dashboards and oscillators:

(8) The Multi-Info (attached)
(9) An oscillator (OSC 5,35) - this is purely for divergence and wave counting. You can use anything - CCI(32), RSI(7), RSI(14), Stochs - I tend to use a combination of 2 of them for divergence.
(10) A trend strength indicator based on Moving Averages - I will elaborate if it is useful. This is 'trendstrengthevo v2.1, modified by nnjeim - the original coder is not listed in the file. Increasing strength in direction of trade looks good.
(11) Angle of moving average indicator set to 3 and EMA. Looking for changes in a particular direction (ie strength in the angle = strength in momentum). I am using here the jpkfox EMA_Angle modified by MrPip.
(12) TMA slope - I will elaborate more if I find this TEMA based indicator useful - this again seems to add a 'security check' for the trade.
This says it is by zznbrm + Edited by shahrooz " + Edited by Nanningbob April 2012
(13) Schaff Trend Cycle set to 5 periods and an 8 and 15 moving average pair. Indicator is PlotSTC, by the one and only... mladen
(14) You can see I have added a complementing dashboard on the right of the multi-info. This is for 'additional security' and it is the "Trendbolt Mini" by Tudor Ceban.

Most of the indicators you can find here at

If not, let me know and I'll post them gradually, except if I find they are premium by the owner, or others can post them.

I will go through the earlier chart. Many of the ideas and indicators on the black charts above are based on a forex-tsd trading systems thread from 2005-2010 roughly called XO method, by valeofx.

Here are some M30 entries using the same setup.
And M15 for the less patient.

Best regards,
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