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*WIP* FerruFX's Multi-Info Evo

econome, Sun Nov 04, 2018 8:15 am

Hi all,

Just a work-in-progress contribution - this forum is an amazing resource and it is time to give back.

This matrix indicator is based on the code from the original FerruFX Multi-Info Panel (More than 10 years old). I'm updating it according to settings I like.

The purpose is to give the multi-timeframe trend, visually and in terms of the weighted percentage of the indicators .

The buffers at the top of the indicator window show that 84% are sloping up (or in the case of CCI, below 0) and 16% sloping down (or in the case of CCI, above 0) in the provided image of USDJPY, favouring long positions / buy on pullbacks.

The 103 refers to the 104 combined indicators in the matrix (1 is flat / sideways / precisely equal to its previous value, namely, the RSI7 on M5).

The UPs / DOWNs form a kind of multi-timeframe, multi-indicator checklist. It's not a fully working version because I have not coded in all of the flats, there is possible double counting of the BBands, and I may wish to add in more indicators and overheats.

The coefficients are not based on any modelling, just more weight is given to the higher timeframes when calculating the two buffer percentages that tell you whether the trend is up or down.

I'm not asking for any help or support, but if traders can see the use of this matrix, then I am sure the thread and indicators could naturally evolve.

I am certain that the code could be a lot more elegant and include more use of loops. It is clunky at best, and has required much manual work so far. I am not a MQ4/5 expert, but I am doing what I can on this.

For coders wishing to develop, here are some ideas:

Add the Moving Average angles of the 8 and 20, e.g. using trig Tan function e.g. >45 degrees = up, <45 degrees = down.
Add the Overheat functions (>163 or <-163 on the CCI Fast; >85 and <15 on the RSI fast; close above/below BBands)
Add in a MACD (>0 or <0), e.g. based on Xard777's MA settings.
Change to a multicurrency meter.

Please use and share ideas and developments. I will do the same.

Best regards,

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