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Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

mitzescu, Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:24 am

On this indicator (currency strength meter) made by mladen, can you pls add stochastic filter on it? As in give alert if Stochastic is at overbought/oversold area when 2 currencies cross? The idea is to filter false signals.

As an example. If message is "AUD crossed JPY down" = AUDJPY sell, should come if Stochastic is at level 70 or above.

I hope you don't mind i changed the alerts a bit. I added ON/OFF on currencies cross, because it was ON by default and could not be turned off, without turning the other alerts off, such ass level cross or slope change alert. And changed the alert message, made it a bit shorter and also added an option to add extra message to the alerts, if one wants to have the same indicator twice on same timeframe with different MA settings and dosen;t know from which one the alert came, now you can add whatever text you want. This is where my coding skills end :D
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