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Re: Digital Filter

mntiwana, Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:43 pm

This of "Igor" Low Pass Filter version
having usual 7 prices - (Price mode : 0-Close,1-Open,2-High,3-Low,4-Median,5-Typical,6-Weighted)
3 type orders (Filter Order: 1-EMA,2-2nd Order,3-3rd Order)
4 smoothing methods possibility (Pre-smoothing MA Mode: 0-SMA,1-EMA,2-SMMA,3-LWMA)
pct Filter capability (Dynamic filter in decimal(multiplier for StdDev))
color mode 1 for enable coloring - zero disable (solo color)
color bar back.... (Should be 0 or 1)
alert mode ..........(Sound Alert switch (0-off,1-on)
warning mode.... (Sound Warning switch(0-off,1-on)
Users can adjust it easily where they want it to go - :)
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