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Re: Tsar - Dynamic Zone Trading System

rijay, Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:26 am

friend4you wrote:
Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:45 pm
rijay wrote:
Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:46 pm

momentum indicator fits well with tdi in tsar system
tdi sometimes gives too many whipsaws too,
rsx is smoothened rsi, so will behave in line with rsi with filtering of whipsaws on rsi, still gets you out early in trending markets
dynaic zone adxm steddev adaptive indicator is more adaptive then rsx on faster settings and still keeps you in trend well till trend lasts, in trending market it is better filter with step oma mtf 2.3 of mladen then rsx ,see image
I agree, but cannot see, why you prefer DZ-TDI instead of the tdi I use. Whipsaw depends on settings and my tests show that smoothed momentum is more for using it for pullback entries and only in agrrement with bands for new trend entrys.
TDI smoothed alerts + div.2017.ex4
yes you are right, settings matters
your settings are nice , will test it further
and see if my dilema to use or not to use tdi remains or not, for the reasons i mentioned
when i have much adaptive indicator for both trending and trading market to use like posted below,
have you tried it with faster settings- with my system? this is indicator posted by mladen at tsd times. but not much discussed. try with this templet settings, ( for entry and exit use this indicators colors that matches with dz kst mtf bars indicator color(or the way you use your tdi indicator)or its trend, for settings of this indicators use templet attached, this indicator is also to Downloads, keep rest of my system indicators to Downloads too, as this templet(contains more to it) is for effective usage of mladen one more average ribbon with immediate visibility of what is happening in all higher time frames on single screen picture. , upper border of ribbon for trailing stop loss and lower border for support, for each time frame ribbon,
htf templet- m15,h1, h4
ltf templet- m1,m5,m15
(you can adjust it as per your style of using timeframes)
this indicator being old one may need 1090 bug fix to work properly
!! rijay lite htf.tpl
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!! rijay lite lft.tpl
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