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Re: МТ4 Trading Systems: WORKSTATION

amdudus, Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:02 pm

What purpose?
How many offers on earnings, reliable strategies, unique systems, simple trading plans have you already received?
Incredible amount! And every trader shows benefits, proves its uniqueness, it demonstrates enviable results and wants to see You.
Just stop and think for a minute... And where to get a reliable support to the entry level, a small Deposit quickly enough and without pain of losing money, yet to go to earnings on the stock exchange and do it constantly?
Good to talk to those who on account of tens of thousands of dollars... And what can we do? — You Might Say... I love trading, always learning and looking for the most simple solutions that don't drown in theory, does not require dozens of years for development, and help beginners with a small
Deposit to quickly find and earn. Do not sit at the monitor, namely to EARN.
To a pain a familiar situation, right?
Now imagine that right in front of you, just hold out your hand and take, is a ready and clear system that allows you to consistently earn a lot on Forex. She makes you a real master of her destiny and gives you so much money that everyone will envy you.
Take today's example. The price should go so
Sell after an unsuccessful rising above 1.3993, or just on the rebound from 1.4064 with the target 1.3950 and 1.3909.
If we go down, I look at the purchase of a false breakout from 1.3909, or rebound from 1.3855.
The target is the middle of 1.3950 channel.
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