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Re: Timmy's Expert advisor service

TimmyHanke, Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:04 am

Welcome to my the work of my brain , everything is based on the same idea , price goes </> my objects high/low or above/below then it will react with filtering of 3 indicators , not in the same ea but different approaches to it using 3 diffent once , some dosnt use filtering at all.
So the ea will trend and reverse trade depending on the indicator used.

This is just to show how much effort i put in on once single idea i had, and thought it would be fun to see what you make out of it.
And thought it would be an christmas gift in a way.

Here is a total of 39 expert advisors based on the same idea but is totally different , add them to expert advisor folder and the 3 indicators to the indicator folder.

The once named 116 is my original idea , 117 is reversed , 118 is nonreversed but maybe improved filtering.
Non of the eas will be reliable on backtesting because it uses different timeframes than is applied to the chart and so on bla bla bla, and the semper one is tickbased.

Happy Christmas and a Happy new year !
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