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МТ4 Trading Systems: WORKSTATION

amdudus, Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:21 am

Post created for :
-the publication strategies that have real statistical data of profit traders, verification and improvement;
-the publication of new strategies that profit interesting for the application as a whole or separate ideas(indicators, advisers)
I think the post will be interesting for many. So, let's begin.
Indicator @VaBank_v3 displays not only the current but also for the previous period (day or week) with complete data on their movement that allows you to track the dynamics for all pairs in a single window. Maximum number of displayed currency pairs - 30. To facilitate the search highlighted a different color pairs with the highest values in the last period. (Color settings, font and font size, and horizontal and line spacing can be changed in the indicator properties)

Additionally, the indicator posted a few clickable objects in the form of buttons:
Button "Period" allows you to toggle between Day/Week.
Scroll buttons periods allow you to view statistics of previous periods directly in the indicator window.
The indicator is intended for those who are inclined to analytical work, the rest I suggest to use version 2.
Due to the high saturation of the data, I recommend to place the indicator in a separate window any of the currency pair not the trade is conducted. The template for such accommodation and the indicator are in the attached files.

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