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Re: MT4 Trading Systems: Gifts for the New Year

amdudus, Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:38 am

Let's test black Friday.
Here is what he writes:
"Introducing the awesome price action move indicator....
Essentially, this is a coincident price action indicator that measures trend lengths dynamically. Basically, you tell the indicator how long of a trend you want to measure, and like a ruler that measures inches or centimeters, apami will measure the pips between two points. This method of choosing price action allows the user to finally retire all those [worthless] lagging indicators and focus on the one thing that matters most: clearly-defined price action.
This term 'price action' was a buzz term for a couple of years now almost like the word 'trend'. Vague definitions like "a series of higher highs and higher lows" made traders more confused as to exactly how to interpret a trend. So a bunch of predictive models emerged, attempting to guess where prices were going next. Or those who would measure a "real" trend did so with tools like zigzag or Fibonacci retracement, which can only be done in hindsight after the supposed trend occurred.
All that is needed for APAMI to work correctly is a stable, uninterrupted price feed, which almost all forex, stock, and futures brokers provide free. There are a whole new world of possibilities with your trading now with this "pip ruler" indicator, especially when developing fully automated trading systems. It can give you the positive expectancy you need to trade pullbacks more successfully.
So after over 2 years of collective developments, stalls, programmers, newborns, etc, I present to you the Awesome Price Action Movement Indicator, or maybe the Amazing Price Action Movement Indicator is a better touch. You are now completely in the moment when it comes to trend detection"
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