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Re: MT4 Trading Systems: Gifts for the New Year

amdudus, Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:54 am

АО_Zotik + WPR_Vsmark
These indicators, where there are few on the forums, because they are in the closed part.
To learn how to trade profitably in the Forex market and the stock exchanges need to be solved listed below is not solved by the classics of technical analysis using moving averages:
* what moving averages are crucial?
* when crossing the EMA should be a powerful movement, and when Floorsno?
* what is the intersection of the moving averages (MA) correction, what does the trend change?
* what is the relationship of EMA and wave analysis?
* how to solve the problem of the delay of the signals moving averages?
The problem, as utverdayut the authors, is solved by means of indicators АО_Zotik + WPR_Vsmark
Zotik is used in order to determine the moment of the trend change (use crossing EMA with different periods), and it is devoid of the major drawbacks of standard Forex indicators. As for WPR_VSMARK, it is based on standard algorithm – percentage range B. Williams.
The main disadvantage of MA is that it is unclear when their intersection indicates a change of trend, and when it occurs during the flat. The fact of crossing moving averages does nothing without the knowledge of the market.
In Zotik using a set of moving averages of different periods (5, 21, 55, 89, 233), also, the authors argue that the indicator managed to get rid of the main disadvantage of MA – delay of the received signal. Usually crossing MA signals change of trend with a significant delay in Zotik this does not occur, and to remedy this deficiency managed without displacement of MA horizontally.
The prefix AO means that if the development were used ideas Awesome Oscillator. Due to this AO_Zotik allows you to:
to avoid erroneous entries into the market with a sharp, pulse price movements;
-to define more precisely the point of trend change and break out of the horizontal channel;
it and the waves on the chart to determine the easier, the wave structure is clearly seen it on the indicator lines.
Standard WPR in the work is very similar to Stochastic and is used to "diagnose" market conditions (oversold/overbought). The problem is that it often gives false signals, although in history it is possible to pick almost the perfect options. If you just mindlessly follow his signals, the losses are provided.
The modified version differs from the standard algorithm in the first place so that lines on the display several. To judge the situation on the market behavior of "light" lines are relatively "heavy" line. Also used the 50 levels, the 61.8%.
I have not tested the indicators.
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