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Re: Blessing EA

Antonio, Tue Aug 22, 2017 5:13 am

Hello friends, a good advisor, have long used, there is one pair on the real. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to optimize, it's not really long, if someone did the version for optimization in the tester, then it would have gone faster ... I spread all that I have for today, sets from different authors and from different versions, But everything works in the latest version, I hope the topic will be supported and optimize all together.
Блессинг set.rar
(4.46 KiB) Downloaded 1455 times
(33.02 KiB) Downloaded 1538 times
EABLS_3.9.5_AUDNZD s setom ot  ANTONIO!.gif
blessing audnzd s setom ot ANTONIO h1.rar
(2.78 KiB) Downloaded 1586 times
EABLS_3.9.5_AUDNZD s setom ot ANTONIO!.rar
(223.81 KiB) Downloaded 1436 times
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