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Re: Design your own System like the Pros Do

AussieBeau, Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:52 pm

RplusT wrote:
Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:56 am
Hi AB....I have no clear conception what the fractal MTF is telling. I can see grey dots and then once in a while a green and then all of a sudden a lot of greens that may disappear the same way....... I was expecting that it tells when a new fractal appears at any TF. As far as I can see, that't not the fact. Can you please explain, please. Thanks!
Besides, thank you for all your effort. I'm not a New Trader and sticking to my own chart, I'm trading quite well. Over time we obviously get stuck in a certain way of thinking. Never thought it would be that hard to adjust the brain. I'm seriously trying. It's a good exercise!
Hi RplusT,
Thank you for this post!!
I was wondering who would be the first to ask.
I will post 2 pics now..they have just been taken..EURUSD15 and EURUSDH1.
They are showing the H1 green and all the others silver
I am sure they will clear things up.
I am not feeling that well at the a few hours,I will put a post that will explain all.
It shows that the green bull fractal on H1 is higher than the previous bull fractal
It shows that the price is ranging between the previous bull and bear fractals on m15
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