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Re: Design your own System like the Pros Do

AussieBeau, Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:19 am

Hi Guys,
If you are onto exercise 4, congratulations , it means so far you have made 40 pips profit,
After completing this exercise, it will be 60 pips profit in 1 week=240 pips profit per month.
No,really,I mean you should be proud of yourself...look how you did it..with nothing more than the most basic of visual aids and the most important indicator of them all, your brain!.

Ok lets get onto exercise 4
There is one other important thing that a trader needs to watch..
you need to watch other time frames right.
Some traders put on mtf indicators of stoch rsi macd cci ma etc. or even open up charts
For this exercise we are not doing that,we are using a visual aid.
old school mtf fractals..
Now to learn and train our brain, remember our eyes go from one indicator to the other, like I explained at exercise 2.
So here is your new template and indicator
(49.44 KiB) Downloaded 729 times
I will be giving you the final exercise 5 later on today
On a side note..look at price at 124 fib extension on this chart-this is your new template
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