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Re: Design your own System like the Pros Do

AussieBeau, Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:05 pm

Hi Guys,
Now the fun start your own template.
I realise that your first exercise was tedious..but believe me it was neccessary to do.
I asked of you not to trade for 5 days..that means your normal trading style..ok..still applies.
From today , you will be demo trading exclusively on the principals that I will show you.
I am not used to posting instructions..I teach in a class room if I come off as sounding arrogant,please forgive me,I am not like that.
We are going to put together your own personal trading system.
The technique is what myself and close associates have developed.
It is proven to work,it is the base that the most successful traders use
It is old school and lets put it this way..we have used these techniques for 30 years,if you are still in the game after 30 years,well it must be something to it right.
Ok lets begin
Please download exercise 2
It contains a new template plus a couple of new indicators.
What I want you to do
I want you to as you watch the chart,in one movement go from candle..look left along the price line and take notice..go to volume and up to price.spread..ok
By doing this,your mind will be taking in the data that the indicators are giving it...It will be the only indicator that makes decision..this trains it.
Important Note:
Indicators are tools,their job is to give data to your brain so that your brain can make an informed decision.
Do not get attached to any indicator,it is a tool and can be replaced a lot easier than a brain transplant!
The first indicator is the volume..use it in conjunction to help understand the price/spread moves
The second is simple fractals,use it to see where the price stalls,,,,ask yourself what it is doing at the time it stalls at a particular fractal..remember when you are watching the candle,use the price line to look left and see the previous formations fractals etc that is on the line.
Tip: If the price stalls and volume is very high 100% it is the big players getting liquidity,,,be very careful then with your trades.
Also,remember the 23 73 I told you about yesterday.
All you have to trade on now is very limited volume price and SR
Watch the chart as I said for a candle or two,then demo trade this template.
Forget all other tips tricks etc that you have learnt before this course.
You only trade on the info I have given you.
Your goal is to reach a 20 pip profit..7 pips to use as a stop.

Keep asking yourself what is the market telling will get the answer!!

Ok My Friends..once again please forgive me for not posting earlier
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