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Design your own System like the Pros Do

AussieBeau, Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:58 pm

Hi Guys,
This thread I think will be something that you have not come across before.
First off,please understand that I am not what you would call a educated man,I am just a simple man that has been blessed with an amazing fulfilling please forgive me,if I tend to ramble and make spelling mistakes etc.
I will now if you will indulge me,share how I got into this business 30 years ago.
As I said,I was not well educated,I basically taught myself through lifes experiences.
I went to the USA to find adventure more than anything else,I had no idea whatsoever what trading was.
I married there and my father in law was a influential stock broker that gave me a job working for him in the pits as a jobber.
I attended many parties with my father in law and met many of the so called upper crust.
definition of upper crust= a bunch of crumbs held together by their own dough.
Hey,bad joke I know,but hey cut me some slack,I am pushing 80 years old and not used to forums.
Anyway,we came back to Australia and I got involved in spot forex trading...through my father in laws contacts I had access to some of the best traders you would ever meet.
Over the years,I have learnt the common factors that each of the most successful traders I have met use..and the secret is that it is so simple,that anyone can is simply learn the basics properly,your brain is the main indicator and design your own personal trading system.
This is not a trading system where I put a bunch of indicators up,and tell you when this crosses thst and when the blue line gets to this point buy and sell,but only when the moon is full.
It is a set of tools to aid you in developing your own personal system,with or without indicators,that will lead you to a successful trading career.
I have traded for the last 30 years , held seminars for 6 years and have had many successful students.
The level of success depends on 2 things..1.How much do you want to be a success? and secondly How much effort are you willing to put in?
Sound good..well I will require this of do not trade for 5 days,you devote your full attention to the things I ask you to do.
I will supply indicators and templates...they are not to be added to or changed,,they will become your training aid.
Can you trade on a completely blank chart,with only the price and spread to go by....yes you can and if you adhere to what I am telling you,you will also.
The first pic below shows the non candle trade and the second is a pic of your basic template that you will be using.

I have chosen the M15 chart..not for any particular reason other than it is a good TF ,enough movement and speed to get experience....note after you have designed your system it can apply to any TF.
You can use any pair you want(I do not recommend USDCHF or EURUSD bfor this exercise)...important that you use only one pair and this will be the pair you use to the end of this course.

I will post the first lesson in the morning

Tomorrow I will post the first lesson.

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