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Re: ADX DMI Indicators for MT4

mntiwana, Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:48 am

ADXm averages 2_6
ADXm averages 2.7 ...... (MTF-the version already posted-the last version of this series till now)

MLADEN : When a bug is planted in the head then it does not leave it easily
Found a completely different formula for McGinley average : metastock formula,and decided to give it a try and even though the average it self is not too different ,the ADXm result appeared finaly ..... so here is a version that can calculate ADXm using McGinley Dynamic
PS : Results are some times strange,but i find it useful even in that format
PPS : even though john McGinley claims that his formula (which is different than the metastoch formula) is worthless,i decided not to use his formula,difference between values produced by his formula and metastock formula are marginal,but the metastock formula does not suffer from errors when there is a series of same values (in which case john McGinley's formula fails miserably),and i find it better,Assuming that there will be no repeated values in rather naive.

ADXm averages 2_6.ex4
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ADXm averages 2.7.ex4
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