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Re: MT4 Trading Utilities, Chart Tools & Add-ons

Phylo, Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:46 am

The following is copy and paste from my MQL4 Code Base post.

The function of this Indicator is dependent on files mt4gui.dll and mt4.mgh. (At current date 05-04-2014 these files are updates mt4gui2.dll and mt4gui2.mgh) Without these files the Indicators will not work. Both are free and require a free license key for every computer running the .dll file. The mt4gui2.mgh file is included with the Indicator download because it can be easily edited for update. The mt4gui2.dll cannot be edited and must be downloaded from source - Download here. (not necessary for this post as both files included) When the Indicator is first loaded a popup will request a name and email (NO spam ! - occasional update notification - always advisable to use an alias name and alternative email address). Once submitted a License Key will be emailed which is then entered in said popup. There is no limit on the number of free licenses.Required: The .dll ? MQL4/ Library folderRequired: The .mgh ? MQ4/ Include folderRequired: Change Chart Symbol Menu ? MQL4/ Indicators folderOptional Extra: Chart Symbol ? MQL4/ Indicators folderThe .dll and .mgh files are periodically updated to accommodate new MT4 builds. See Updating and How to edit code example below.If chart symbols are other than the standard six letter EURUSD such as EURUSDSB or EURUSD_uk etc., the User needs to see "Notes: Suffix -1 and Suffix - 2".

Notes:Suffix - 1: For platforms that use variants like EURUSDSB, EURUSD_uk etc., the user will have to enter the added suffix (case sensitive - examples: SB, _uk) in the suffix section in the Indicator Inputs Tab.Suffix - 2: Future symbols such as Usa500Dec13 or SoybnsJan14 should be added to the Indicator as complete names (case sensitive - examples: Usa500Dec13, SoybnsJan14) in the Inputs sections marked - SPARE. Do not add these to the suffix section.Any Symbol can be changed from the Indicator Inputs tab.Additional symbols can be added via the Inputs Tab by changing SPARE to the required symbol. Note: if a suffix has been added to the suffix section of the Indicator Input Tab do not include the suffix as part of the added symbol name because the suffix will duplicated - example: EURUSD_uk_uk.Note: When the indicator is attached to the chart or MT4 Terminal opened a first change of symbol requires two clicks and one click thereafter. The code is minimal and repetitive but I have not been able find a solution. The developer of the GUI files has not responded to a number of inquiries.
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