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Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

mrtools, Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:10 pm

borgesr wrote:Hi Mrtools,
See the buffers

Code: Select all

int init()
 SetIndexBuffer(0,UpH); SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_HISTOGRAM); SetIndexLabel(0, "UpH");
 SetIndexBuffer(1,DnH); SetIndexStyle(1,DRAW_HISTOGRAM); SetIndexLabel(1, "DnH"); 
 SetIndexBuffer(2,NuH); SetIndexStyle(2,DRAW_HISTOGRAM); SetIndexLabel(2, "NuH"); 
 SetIndexBuffer(3,SpanA_Buffer); SetIndexStyle(3,DRAW_NONE); SetIndexLabel(3, "SpanA");
 SetIndexBuffer(4,SpanB_Buffer); SetIndexStyle(4,DRAW_NONE); SetIndexLabel(4, "SpanB"); 
 SetIndexBuffer(5,Tenkan_Buffer); SetIndexStyle(5,DRAW_NONE); SetIndexLabel(5, "Tenkan"); 
 SetIndexBuffer(6,Kijun_Buffer); SetIndexStyle(6,DRAW_NONE); SetIndexLabel(6, "Kijun"); 
 SetIndexBuffer(7,trend); SetIndexStyle(7,DRAW_NONE); SetIndexLabel(7, "trend");
The following indicator is attached.

Thank you,
Rogerio, this version is using the new better mtf and the kumo cloud is a function.
kumo histo.png
Kumo Breakout Histo mtf lines.mq4
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