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Re: Skimming Swallow - a Simple Trend Strategy

sal, Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:30 am

pacois wrote:Hi, if it helps here's an indicator
This really works with supporting with another indicator for 5min to 10min expiry (1min chart).  I did demo test is really wonderful results.
could possible to add the candle pattern confrimaton   in this indicator with one more arrow

candle pattern math below
Is it possible to add candle pattern name and math below to add with the indicator and add one more arrow alert after pattren formation close price.

1) Bullish Engulfing  - ((O1 > C1) AND (C > O) AND (C >= O1) AND (C1 >= O) AND ((C - O) > (O1 - C1)))
2) Bearish Engulfing  - ((C1 > O1) AND (O > C) AND (O >= C1) AND (O1 >= C) AND ((O - C) > (C1 - O1)))
3) Dark Cloud - ((C1 > O1) AND (((C1 + O1) / 2) > C) AND (O > C) AND (O > C1) AND (C > O1) AND ((O - C) / (.001 + (H - L)) > .6))
4) Piercing Line  - ((C1 < O1) AND (((O1 + C1) / 2) < C) AND (O < C) AND (O < C1) AND (C < O1) AND ((C - O) / (.001 + (H - L)) > 0.6))
5) Bullish Abandoned Baby  - C2<O2 AND ABS(C2-O2)>(H2-L2)*0.50 AND H1>L2 AND (C1+O1)/2>=((H1+L1)/2)*0.40 AND (C1+O1)/2<=((H1+L1)/2)*0.60 AND
ABS (C1-O1)<= (H1-L1)*10 AND L>H1 AND C<O
6) Bearish Abandoned Baby  - ABS(C2-O2)>(H2-L2)*0.50 AND C2>O2 AND ABS(C1-O1)<= (H1-L1)*0.05 AND ((C1+O1)/2)-L1 >= (H1-L1)*0.40 AND ((C1+O1)/2)-L1 <= (H1-L1)*0.60 AND L1>H2 AND C<O AND H<L1 AND O>C2 AND (L>O2 OR C<L2)
7) Bullish Morning Star Doji - C2<O2 AND ABS(C2-O2)>(H2-L2)*0.50 AND H1<L2 AND ((C1+O1)/2)-L > (H-L)*0.40 AND ((C1+O1)/2)-L <(H-L)*0.60 ANDABS(C1-O1) < (H1-L1)*0.20 AND C>O
8)Bearish Evening Star Doji - ABS(C2-O2)>(H-L)*0.50 AND C2>O2 AND ABS(C1-O1)<(H1-L1)*0.05 AND (H1-L1)<(AVGH21.1-AVGL21.1)*0.20 AND O1>C2 AND C<O

see the snap

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