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NT7 NinjaTrader 7 indicators

mladen, Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:42 pm

StochasticColors Version 1.1
Author: radi8
Trading Group Affiliation: TeamPIPPEdge

Nope this isn't that special, but it dovetails with the MACDcolor indicator I posted. This is similar to several commercially available indicators. Single plot Stochastic with colors.

This does expose all the native stochastic data series, which others do not, so you can pull the D or K value if you need to. Also, this has several advanced alert features, including the ability to only trigger alerts during defined periods of the day.

I like to keep it simple and I like when my indicators agree. The posted image shows the gemMACDcolor and the gemStochasticColor indicators superimposed. I like it when the Stoch crosses over the MACD and both are in OB/OS territory.
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