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Re: Do You Get THAT Feeling?

Tomcat98, Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:36 pm

Pava wrote:... Something BIG will Happen... The Big Moment is just hours ( if not less time ) away if my guts are not being dishonest with me...
Hi ,
Same feeling...
Long time that I inspect charts and that I engage EA's  but for now I am all liquid.
For some days now the fx markets are desperately flat. Why ?
Have you noticed that it sometimes happen at news time (NFP, FOMC, central banks speachs...)the market quotes are frozen (no bid no ask). So I have investigated. Many answers were something like: "yes we know, as we pass orders through underlying liquidity pool, when liquidity is a lot thinner, guys from market makers and LP's withdraw pricing". Have you ever heard that?
Now about  spreads: Have you look at the spreads?
Historically, in times of higher uncertainty, global credit spreads have gone up. Brexit is on it's way, M. Trump is pilot in command, uncertainty with next European elections,  huge debt to GDP ( ... ernal_debt), that should skyrocket spreads...
But see that chart:
Spreads are low... Why?
Global political risk is now at such elevated levels that investors must surely be on another planet.
Hard assets like Gold are also flat...
The credit market had lost touch with
When will come the next Minsky moment? Next markets are CDS of CDS ? ... stors-dont
Just some thought before an SNB moment...
Manage accordingly your risk levels.
Happy trading and take care.
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