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Re: What kind of Holy Grail ?

by: Nbats7979
Hey Jeff, I trade mostly short time frames (3,5 min) and the stock indicies. Here's an example of the dow and indicators on my chart. Not as clean as I'd like but in practice it works well. I really like the fxnuke indicator as a base for direction. Halftrend from what I've seen seems to be a solid ...

Raghee Horner Propulsion Dots System

by: Nbats7979
Raghee Horner Propulsion Dots System Raghee.png Haven't seen these posted so here is a contribution. These are from Raghee Horner-thanks to her! I prefer the averages candles mtf by mladen and mrtools but Raghee's grab candles work well too. The propulsion dots can help to give an idea of early tre...

Re: Identify This Indicator

by: Nbats7979
Anybody please can tell me where to get this Price Action indicator for free? Sadly I cannot afford to pay $500 for this Price Action indicator. Maybe the seller has gotten this somewhere else made minor changes to it and selling it at such cut-throat exorbitant price. I'd like to know too if anyon...