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Vix Fix alerts on 80/20 crossing

by: EducatedHustle @Krelian99 discusses an amazing way to use this indicator in the thread above. As market tops occurs at below 20 then a sell signal is generated when the Stochastic Vix crosses above 20 and corresp...

Re: Jurik Volty

by: EducatedHustle
Hi all I have a potentially stupid question re the Jurik Volty Bands. I see they get a lot of praise for scalping and swing trading but I am unsure after putting the latest version on what to do with it...I am not a newbie honest but it produces so many arrows in default, is there a preferred way t...

Re: Trading using mobile phone

by: EducatedHustle
My Top tip is to use Teamviewer (I am not affiliated at all) to benefit from all the custom indicator Forex station has to offer whilst using your mobile. This way you can enter trades whilst at work and do trade management. I'm not sure why nobody ever mentions this method. Anyways, Please see link...