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by: Deez "The Japanese scientist Satoshi Omura has recently received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his discovery of ivermectin more than 30 years ago. Invermectin ...

Re: US Election Live Stream

by: mrtools
4 people died yesterday because they believed in conspiracy theories or misinformation. If someone believes the earth is flat there's no harm done, at the end of the day we make some jokes and everybody goes home. Those 4 didn't come home. Yes very sad, but never heard a word this summer when 30+ p...


by: moey_dw
So that's how they plan on taking over South Africa :Rofl: the_wuhan_doctors_turn_black_c.jpg Increased testing is finding many new cases but there are increasing concerns over the number of false positives from the misuse of the PCR test man........... remember when wuhan doctors became black from...