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Re: Slow loading MT4 indicator issue

by: thiru
Hey moderators.. Please check it out. The indicator looading to the chart quite heavy. Is that possible to do it loading normal to the chart.because its take to much time to load on chart.. Thank in advance its comparing 28 pairs and obviously it will be heavy. reduce it to 10 pairs (the minimum it...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: thiru
Dear Mladen and MrTools, I really appreciate all the work you do. I'm looking for a repainting zigzag indicator (the standard MT4 zigzag is fine also to edit), which should display: - the amount of pips for each swing. - big and small swings - it should repaint - parameter: ON/OFF: display on the c...

Re: MT4 Indicators with alerts/signals

by: thiru
I spent some time looking and i couldnt find it, Does anybody know where i can get a horizontal line indicator that Alerts when price touches it? Just like the One in Mt4 the only difference is it Alerts when price touches the horizontal line? Here you go; 2018-07-16 11_12_04-EURUSD,H1.png // // Bo...

Re: Ehlers Indicators for MT4

by: thiru
dear mrtools, I´m working with ehlers fisher transform. For me it´s one of the best indicators. I´m searching in ehler thread but the only mtf versions i´ve found didn´t have this super alarm functions. Is it possible to get this indi with MTF functions and this alarm functions? Best regards markus...