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Re: Jurik based indicator(s) - cTrader

by: Tsar
RSX RSX (Relative Strength Quality Index) indicator permits more accurate analysis, helping you avoid many Trades that would have been prematurely trigged by the jagged RSI. However, RSI is a jittery signal, making Technical Analysis (TA) very difficult. 1. Jitter produces false trade triggers 2. J...

Re: Regression indicator(s) - cTrader

by: Tsar
Linear Regression Channel Draws channel using Linear Regression of Close prices. Can optionally display Center of Channel (Mean), Edges (maximum Deviation) and Standard Deviation. Color and Line thickness are also Customizable. Similar to the 200-day Moving Average, large institutions often look at...

Re: Tsar - Dynamic Zone Trading System

by: dmnik
sniper rishijay trading system update v1 updated version of sniper rishijay trading system. what is new --- -golden line-- created golden line that helps to decide make or break level for ongoing trend. - macd cloud trading with absolutely new macd indicator . that enables simply cloud based trading...

TDI Pro MT4 latest version Compassfx

by: moey_dw
Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) Pro MT4 from Compassfx Dean Malone. Including all divergence & alert & arrow & trend direction/guides plus all feature from full version Traders Dynamic Index Pro also PDF features catalog/user manual book. Big thx u to mr ebson & hamish boy :thumbup: :clap: :clap: TDI PR...

Re: Dynamic zone indicators ...

by: mrtools
New version of dynamic zones vhf adaptive cci Optimized code. Optimized multi time frame mode (made lighter on the CPU in multi time frame mode). Dear Mladen/ Mrtools, May I request extended price options and averige method (38) to this indicator? Added the extended price options and averages.