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Re: Brexit - everything you need to know

by: navid110
May Could See ‘Quite a Narrow’ No-Confidence Win, Foley Says (Bloomberg) -- U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is likely to survive a no-confidence vote this evening though it could be “quite a narrow victory,” according to Jane Foley, head of...


by: navid110
As the US has been reached to its best employment rate for months (fully employment rate has been considered 4% ) , The NFP Importance shifted to a secondary importance fundamental indicator. (unless an strange data release). for this we have been witnessed a less impression of NFP on price movement...

Re: Your opinion about MT5

by: navid110
Its gone be for a while testing MT5. for advantages the better execution rate could be mentioned. also more diversified time frames makes it more convenient. but for the disadvantages : the data consumption of MT5 is really huge. as you check the data folder you'll find that it easily reaches to Gig...