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Re: Trend Indicators

by: mntiwana
Trend Quality Q1 directional indicator averages
One more Trend variation of Mladen's experimenting curiosity
Mladen : Here is Q1made using averages too
with 29 types of Averages - 20 types prices - noise handling capability - levels and more including mtf interpolated

Re: MACD indicators for MT4

by: Jimmy
Adding to the collection of MACD indicator's is another one of Mladen's cool indicators called the MACD Normalized. This version has been fixed for MT4 1090 and includes MTF and Color Change on slope. Including standard deviation normalized,upgrades,code optimization and different calculation of som...

Re: Dynamic zone indicators ...

by: Tsar
thanks tsar for your nice reply, as per your suggestion , the idea is the same for Dynamic zones kst (mtf + bars) indicaor, as polychromatic gradual color transition gives better idea of trend change when short term moving averages starts turning, when all averages align then dark color appears, as...