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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: mrtools
Dear Mrtools Is it possible for you to convert this indicator to mql4? Seems like i converted it. Another great indicator from Mladen and explained by him:::: Range Expansion Index (REI) definition : Range Expansion Index (REI) is an oscillator that measures price changing rate and signals about ov...

Re: Trend Indicators

by: mrtools
Hi MrTools..could please add arrows on slope instead of middle line cross to this indicator..thanks so much. Try keeping display main trend line (the white one in my picture) for to better understand slope coloring,so the arrows on zero cross and or on slope change and i love extend your request to...

Re: Digital Filter

by: mntiwana
LowPassFilter_v1 This of " Igor " Low Pass Filter version having usual 7 prices - (Price mode : 0-Close,1-Open,2-High,3-Low,4-Median,5-Typical,6-Weighted) 3 type orders (Filter Order: 1-EMA,2-2nd Order,3-3rd Order) 4 smoothing methods possibility (Pre-smoothing MA Mode: 0-SMA,1-EMA,2-SMMA,3-LWMA) pc...

Re: Digital Filter

by: mntiwana
An other Igor's toy on LowPassFilter

Igorald : It's something like MACD with LowPassFilter instead of MA.
Usual 7 prices
3 state order
fast/slow filter periods
signal line adjustable
4 smoothing methods