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Re: Something interesting please post here (Metatrader)

by: Dimitri
bilbao wrote:
Sat May 19, 2018 2:47 pm
Dimitri wrote:
Sat May 19, 2018 4:41 am
Dear Bilbao,
i am referring to the indicators and template as per your chart ...
Thank you again

Best Regards
Dear Bilbao,
I really have no words to Thank You ...
Best Regards

P.S: in case i have any additional question i will come back ... ;) ... Thank you for all ...

Thanks Forex-Station

by: moey_dw
May I please say a big thanks to Mntiwana habibi, Mladen, Mrtools, Jimmy boy, Amdudus, Rijay, Sal, Dragon for everything you kind guyys posted in here!!! Really enjoy the beauty of this forum as u only put 2 little ads and no pop ups and also economic calendar here is good and is accurate.And love h...

YESHUAYOKE's trading system

by: YeshuaYoke
there is a repainting aspect of this system if someone knows an indicator that can replace the repainter it would be good there are merits to this system I-g is OBOS indicator cross of graalun and insync at OBOS points is the entry exit is the is the recrossing of graalun and insync, this is my firs...