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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: st2050
I have a favor to ask about the below indicator. This indicator uses the TMA centered, which recalculates/repaints, and I wanna know if this indicator is repainting or not? . DL Hurst MACD st2050 v3.1 Hello. I'm st2050, the modification author. Why not to ask me at forum specified in the indicator'...

Re: Coding Help

by: mrtools
Dear coders, help to change the thickness of the line to the maximum, so that it does not return to its original state. I'm only interested in two lines. Thanks in advance. :| Change lines 54 and 56 from SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_LINE,0,2); SetIndexStyle(1,DRAW_LINE,0,2); to SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_LINE); ...

YESHUAYOKE's trading system

by: YeshuaYoke
there is a repainting aspect of this system if someone knows an indicator that can replace the repainter it would be good there are merits to this system I-g is OBOS indicator cross of graalun and insync at OBOS points is the entry exit is the is the recrossing of graalun and insync, this is my firs...