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Re: ! - GENIE My strategies

by: Jimmy
As per your previous post which disappeared, the reason why you're not getting any response here is firstly we don't have much of a clue on what your system is about! To many people it looks like just a whole mix of indicators pasted onto a chart. Also, screenshots are good, but without any meaningf...

Re: Schaff Indicators for MT4

by: mntiwana
stc color histo stc color hiso new These of schaff trend cycle (STC) both versions indicator are slope coloring - stc periods and fast/slow MAs periods option,pictures with default values Hi, Mntiwana, could you please post the indicator on the main chart? Thank you. Schaff.PNG Sorry dont remember ...

Re: Identify This Indicator

by: mntiwana
simke wrote:
Fri Mar 02, 2018 9:57 pm
thank you for answering pacois
I just wonder if there is a similar indicator or someone has experience with this indicator.
I'm also interested in the opinions of and mladen and mntiwana.
As per my little knowing,this and alike such indicators are simply NET to catch birds (new traders)

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: pacois
RplusT wrote:
Thu May 31, 2018 3:35 pm

could someone please make an mtf display (as in the pic) out of this indicator showing red or green whenever a signal appears (pls include W1 and MN).
The display should have a corner to choose and the x and y distance to adjust. Thank you.


buy_Sell mtf.JPG