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Re: Does this indicator repaint?

by: wojtek
Hello MrTools and Mladen, could you please verify if this indicator repaint, and if so, could the code errors be corrected? This indicator seems to be a combination of indicators ADX, CCI, ATR and Momentum. Thanks for any help.. It can be made to be non-repainting, but it looks somewhat worse than ...

Re: HMA - Hulll Moving Average

by: wojtek
1. please correct the title of this topic, as it cannot be found using the word 'Hull'

2. dear Coders, please translate / convert the following indicator written in MQ5 to MQ4:

Edited ...... link deleted

It seems that Mladen codes now exclusively in MQ5, interesting. :)

Re: Does this indicator repaint?

by: wojtek
moey_dw wrote:
Sun May 26, 2019 9:48 pm
anyone know if this indi repaints or what is it originally???? looks like something mntiwana post b4......... i think this is copy of???
It looks like a very old indicator (from 2005) called Triggerlines,
very popular some time ego (in pre-Mladen era).
It's available as a source code...