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Re: ! - GENIE My strategies

by: Krelian99
Almost a lot of places your adx is not matching/following with price line (means false signaling,as a result loss trades) i think it needs to be tweaked as per my little knowing,may be i am dull enough to pick your strategy ADX does not indicate trend direction or momentum, only trend strength - wh...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

by: Krelian99
Mrtool, please help me I saw Larry Williams'COT index on a foreign website. We all know that COT index uses the report of the Commodity Futures Commission of the United States, but he invented a different index. After observing for a day, I found it still impossible to use it, some helpless. And he...

Re: Schaff Indicators for MT4

by: Krelian99
DSS can be used in some different ways as Stochastic too, for STC I only know one. There are often more indis for what you need it. Try a bit what fits best for your style, tf and so one. Generally, one can not say this is better than that. You always must rely on your opinion, don't listen too much...