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Re: NT8 NinjaTrader 8 indicators

by: mladen
I am copy/pasting the description : Regression Channel with fixed start V2 NT8.0.2 updated Updates:: Update V2.1.0 22 Jan=> * Bug fix: On some occasions when using fixed start the LRC would not adjust accordingly. * Made text messages more readable and less intrusive. (From feedback....thank you). *...

Re: Coding Help

by: mladen
Hello, I have just started this thread , but maybe the right section is here. My problem is that the indicator always show on all timeframe, even when the time frame boxes are unticked. Can somebody highlight the lines in the code very plea...

Re: Re:

by: mladen
If these were not posted before then there is no way,sorry sir mntiwana for what reasons do much people ask for mq4 file here all da time???is ex4 not enough :? sorri for this question & soso english It is (enough) The reason for asking mt4 is not for not being able to use them. But you should ask ...