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Re: US Election Live Stream

Ogee, Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:36 pm

mrtools wrote:
Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:09 pm
RplusT wrote:
Wed Nov 18, 2020 7:09 pm

If I was an American it would bother me that
2020 and the age of super computers and Internet you are obviously unable to maintain a voter data base and keep it updated. Time to switch from pigeon data transfer to 5G guys.
It would also bother me that in 16 States voters do not even have to use an ID card or docments to verfy who they are. Just sign here! How come!
The existence of the EC would also bother me as being used as a tool to alter the will of the voters. In a democracy (where I'm from) every vote counts and thus Hillary would have easily won and so does Biden.
It would also bother me that in 2016 the Trump had no problem winning with a very narrow margin, but this time it is all rigged......yet he has to admit that he got no case of such wrongdoing anywhere. In a democracy we accept the outcome of an election, whether it suits us or not.
Besides, we got 1/5 of the size of the US population, yet not even 5000 Infections and 58 deaths compared to 11 Million and more the 230,000 deaths. And what does the golf and keep whining like a 3 year old. I'm indeed puzzled those facts seem to bother nobody.
Well, there are a lot more things that would bother me.....but only if I was an American.
First of all in the US it's a constitutional republic, our founding fathers set it up that way electoral college and all. Secondly you may say this last election wasn't rigged but information coming forth now says quite the opposite, and before the dominion computer software was unleashed President Trump had a landslide victory and there is overwhelming evidence of fraud regardless of what the lying communist press says.

Since you mentioned covid, again like I said America is a constitutional republic meaning that each state takes care of itself, the leaders of each state if they need help contact the president and he helps as needed so blaming the president for the deaths is simply not accurate, he sent hospital ships to the east and west coast to help, only to be ignored by the governors and leaders of those states using politics over peoples lives. Some states who did it right never shutdown and had very few problems and deaths . Maybe check states with the highest death rates and who is running them, we even had a governor putting people with the virus into nursing homes infecting and killing people there since they are elderly they are more high risk, but this governor didn't care. BLM can protest and riot all they want but if you are a person wanting to go outside and celebrate not allowed.

This last election is about socialism against freedom, America from my understanding is the last truly free country, but we have people here who despise that freedom and want to rule over us, so we can't have the freedom to enjoy a simple golf game without ridicule from those who are not free, even in some states they are trying to say how many people we can have over for Thanksgiving, they are closing churches but opening up bars, etc. etc. etc. Like most socialist leaders they put rules on you but refuse to abide by them, good for thee not for me.(think that's the saying)

Like most who hate President Trump doubt I will convince you otherwise, but just have to say my part. I am not alone we had over 1 million Trump supporters at DC this weekend while bejing biden hid in his basement.
True, the US was never meant to be a pure democracy, the founding fathers recognised the danger of one single political faction gaining complete control.

Below is a nice info graphic showing state by state comparison, can you guess which ones are run by democrats?
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