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Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

zeib, Thu Aug 27, 2020 1:45 pm

Guys Its very Hard to Stay in a Trade for Long TIme Best thing you can do is to trade the size that you honestly don't care if u lose or win.

I risked 1% on that trade and fok me bro its very hard to stay in a trade i start to micro manage the trade which is not good. Best fix for that i found is to set my TP and SL after placing trade and go for a walk.

To let your edge play out you have to take enough trades so that the edge play out and you win in the end. Keep your Position Size Small Pease.

Advance Strategy for Counter Trend with Xard System and Pivots

1. Zone 61 - 100 Look for Big Dot with Square and Arrow As Shown in Example After that Enter when Candle Turns Color to Opposite Trend.
(If price breaks 100 Level with Strength then Price is in a very strong trend stick to pullback trades)
2. Optional If price is in the OB for Selling and OS for Buying

SL Choices :

1. On the Latest Top Dot for Sell and Bottom Dot for Buy
2. ATR based SL
3. SL on Pivots
4. Price Action Stop on Recent Major Lower High

TP Choices :

1. Let your winners run. Trail SL
2. Fixed TP on 1:2 or 1:3
3. When candle or background changes colour

This will help you to Catch Pullback trade with Xard's System and Reversal Trades with Pivot + Xard System So that you can Squeeze profit from any Chart. Thank me Later If it works for you :problem:

Don't Forget to Take 100 Trades on Demo Before Going Live and Look at my How to Achieve Trading Goals Pic.

And 1 Last Thing Guys If you Trade London and NewYork Session Everyday and Manage your Trades Correctly And You Take Both Trades Reversal and Pullback Trades You can very very very Easily Pullout 5-10% Every single day if u risk 1% on each trade and if u do it for a year on a 100$ Account and Keep Compounding it for a year. Congrats you're a Rich Guy. Don't Think its easy. Making money is never easy unless you are a P*rnstar.

Big Thanks to Xard God Bless you BRO <3
OS + Rejected 61 Zone with Arrow Dot Square. Perfect Trade But I missed this trade
Got in Pullback Trade
Screenshot (3).png
Compound your profits Keep your Risk Below 1% and Enjoy the process.
Another Reversal Trade Missed Yesterday Rejected 61 Pivot.
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