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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

thomdel, Fri Jul 03, 2020 5:31 pm

Dear mrtools / coders,

Sorry for Long WriteUp / Long Request. Sorry if I have offended in any way with request.

Sir, Please Rectify / modify this Indicator : SupDem.
Please make the below changes or whatever possible for you.

1) There seems to be this issue :
If we apply this Indi on 5 min timeframe, save tpl and apply this saved tpl on 15 min or other time frame,
Then If we remove the indi, then also the Indi colours remain sticked on chart.

Please Rectify this issue.

2) If we apply this Indi multiple times with diff Time Frames, then it creates issue.
It will be great if you can solve this in any way or by providing unique id option or right coding workaround,
so that we can apply this Indi any n no. of times times with diff time frames on same chart.

Please Rectify this issue.
Example : We can apply your Averages & other indis on same chart n no. of times. They work fine.

3) Provide Option for Line / box as available in Indi : SupDem Mod.
So we will have 2 options : Colour Fill ( original way ) and Line / box

4) Turn On - Indicator : True / False : option

5) Show button / button position on x y axis
: Some Options available in : Ref @Banzai made Indis.
: Some Options available in : Ref @Xard777 made Indis.

6) If Button Off used, then the Indi should not appear on Chart when we change Time Frame or when we load the saved Template which has button indi.
Right now in Button Indis,
1) If we press Button Off and change time frames then the Indi again appear on chart.
2) Also the Indi appears if we load the Saved Template which has button indi.

Thanks for your Support, Kindness, Shares.
Thanks a Lot.

EDIT : -- uploaded supdem mod -- mq4 file instead of ex4 -- this file for reference only which shows supdem zones as boxes (solid ). *
(10.51 KiB) Downloaded 217 times
#4 Trend Suite (Black).mq4
(16.61 KiB) Downloaded 225 times
Indicator_ON -- True or False option to Turn ON OFF Indicator.JPG
SupDem Mod.mq4
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