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Re: Trading XARD system (Christmas Setup)

ImpLaNT, Thu Apr 09, 2020 10:41 am

Skyold wrote:
Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:19 am

I follow this thread because ImPlant wants to create something with clear rules. Respect !!!

Nobody should speak or write like politicians here. The opposition is almost always against a proposal but never says how they would do it.

It is a system based on XARD (thanks to XARD) with SPIKES, SEMAFOR, 2nd point, ...

It is about what can we remove, what can we add and how can we use it in connection with the main system.
Where's our ENTRY?
Where do we put the SL?
Where's the EXIT?
W .......... ??????
Yes you are right. I want to create a system with ABSOLUTELY CLEAR and UNIQUE entry and exit rules no matter what. Regardless of whether the market is in a trend or in a range, there will be news on this instrument today or not, rain on the street or snow, etc. ... This is an ideal that I strive for. The system should give clearly readable signals, and the trader must fulfill them. But in order for the system to be such, the elements in its composition must take into account a lot of different factors. And the more factors taken into account, the more complex the system. This is the price for versatility.
Yesterday I carefully read all Josi's posts. A man has a completely different approach to the market and tradlng, than mine. But, he is also right in many ways! If possible, lateral movements in the range should be avoided. At least for the reason that it makes no sense to sit on a bus that is not going anywhere, you could just leave on another. Another question, how to take this moment into account in the system and learn how to choose the right bus before entering? I think it would be worth experimenting with some kind of breakout indicator. I have this one ...

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But he lacks two things ...
1 - no MTF options
2 - does not leave a loop on the chart that would allow to visualize the range

I ask the community a question ... Maybe someone has something better? I admit that Josi has it and probably also with dashboard option... ;) May be share?
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