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amdudus, Tue Feb 25, 2020 9:11 pm

Daim2574 wrote:
Tue Feb 25, 2020 6:21 pm
amdudus wrote:
Tue Feb 25, 2020 6:05 pm
This is a lie. This is not a photo editor. I was always surprised by people who do not know the essence of the phenomenon, and express their opinion, thereby scaling a lie. Even without you, it is enough in forex. Think and analyze, not just to be a chemical-physical cluster.
  Now about how it was. The idea came to combine the two indicators. There was a technical task for the programmer. The programmer started work. I requested a prototype. At this stage I saw that the drawing could not be removed and the original idea was wrong. The programmer insisted that he clean everything and determined the amount of $ 150. I refused, because he honestly had to say. "Photo Editor" spread not for work, but in confirmation.
The indicator, which is working below. Also its modification.
Just to make sure we are following... what is your best non repaint system that was promised it AK 47 or other ?... is it ready to be sent to us?... thanks
The best template that I like (which is very rare) is shown below. Today it will be sent to you. In addition, we are opening a new section, which will contain information on how to work with the system. Some will be in the public domain, some in the mailing list.
In addition, I would like to note.
I quote: “The paid format is intended for members of the group who want to receive paid indicators, advisers, trading systems and strategies that are acquired by email on various platforms (including MQL4 and MQL5)."
Question: Where is at least a word written about the trading system that I have to provide?
  What did I break? A large number of software products were initially provided, a screenshot of which was provided and everyone could see the contents. Who am i here cheated? Have I complied with the conditions of the public offer? Where it says that I’m giving you something selling?
Answer: Yes, I have done it and am doing it. For the month of mailing almost half has been done, like last year.
  The information provided exactly corresponded to the stated offer and increased in volume.Am I lying something?
  Trading system templates I provide solely on my own initiative. Trading the strategy has not yet been outlined in a systematic way. The assemblies that I prepare are not ideal, as no indicator or system that I and you know is perfect.
  Any indicator or system can be mixed with dirt. It would be a desire.
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