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Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

jgxpro, Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:45 pm

Dear Xard,
1. Thanks, the lines are totally adjustable in ADR D1, as you said.
2. However, Octavemath is still a mess.
I have a laptop: resolution is 100% since the day you told me months ago, it's FHD, I didn't have any problems with previous set-up.
The visuals are mixed, with same inputs (I chose D1, because the most data shows on it with acceptable visuals), only scale was changed for XAUUSD:
Most of pre-determined currencies looks like GBPAUD - D1 - scale: 16, no labels, lines seem quite far away:
GBPAUD - D1 – 16.png
GBPJPY - D1 - 16 seems almost OK:
GBPJPY - D1 – 16.png
GBPNZD - D1 - 16 gives more insight into label problems (above recent price):
GBPNZD - D1 – 16.png
XAUUSD - D1 - scale: 8 seems the most healthy:
XAUUSD - D1 - 8.png
How can I fix this? I want to learn more about MM, but I need consistent representation.

3) It seems somewhere I lost the black boxes too. Which indy should show these?
4) Are there any problems that should look different, OR missing items you don't see and it should be there?
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