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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

optionhk, Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:59 am


I think I posted it in wrong thread. And without indicators.

I am reposting it here in the right forum.

Dear mrtools,

You have coded MA histo indicator more than 10 years ago and have updated recently with mobile alerts. I find it useful till this day.

However, recently, because of my age not helping me to watch screen, I have adopted a new "set and forget" strategy which is working well.

I sell EU from 60 pips distance based on H4 MA of 48 and keep doing it a few times in one account. In another account I buy when EU falls 45 pips from H4 MA and for a few times. For this strategy I use smaller lots so that in case averaging of adverse positions is required it does not easily invite margin calls. Ultimately anyone can make money 50% per annum in each of the accounts. Discipline and patience is needed for this kind of effortless trading . I have tried this strategy on EU only because of its strong tendency to mean revert. Whether it will work for other symbols or not, I am not sure.

Can you kindly code this as per the picture. Requires an MA graphic , fixed MA price box, short dash lines to be drawn from inputs of pips/points based on MA price for Up and Down directions (both need to be different)

Thank you.
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