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Re: Rijay's System of Moving Averages

rijay, Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:26 pm

as 13 ema and 20 ema zone is all important, as described above in context to division of averages and time frames

this is how market behaves in all time frames with 13 ema and 20 ema zones in all time frames, market is as classically regular as you can imagine, for years this is how market works and you can trade only with moving averages and price action !

all is convergence and divergence of this zones in multiple timeframes.

now with mt5 with more timeframes available it is more easy to see it .

thanks to mladen and mrtools that some good indicators with color coding helps to see the things easily on chart. if you are getting old like me you need more easy to read colored chart !

mrtools also published one good indicator qwma adaptive fl, which shows the same thing , as described previously in this thread, the same zone and moving averages division works with it too with specified settings on it.
many thanks to him also.

indicators to go in mql4/indicator/Downloads folder
ema guppy display trend - ma -5,13,14
! rijay atr ma convergence divergence.tpl
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! rijay atr with ma convergence divergence exchnage time.tpl
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averages - mtf - alerts 9.2.ex4
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Averages rainbow 1.04.ex4
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Avg Range.mq4
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dema macd zones alerts 2.01.mq4
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Heiken Ashi Smoothed Candle Normal.mq4
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MACD nrp mtf + alerts 2.mq4
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SimpleEMAv2 13 ema mtf.mq4
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step one more average 2.3 mtf histo.mq4
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step one more average 2.3 mtf separate window.mq4
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step one more average 2.3 mtf.mq4
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EMA Guppy Trend Display.mq4
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