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amdudus, Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:13 pm

Forex strategy testers are excellent assistants in saving time, money and nerves. You can learn to trade and test your tactics 1200 times faster than before
It is not a secret to anyone that learning is a time consuming and very time consuming process. However, scientific progress does not stand still, and with the advent of computers, mankind as a whole and traders in particular have opened up a lot of opportunities that previously could only be dreamed of. Now traders can use the full power of computer analysis to get super-fast and incredibly accurate results.
A truly revolution in trading was the emergence of special programs designed to test both manual strategies and advisers on historical data.
1. The trader downloads the program.
2. Downloads historical data on the required broker,
3. Selects the date from which he wants to start the test (for example, February 2, 2006).
As soon as these preparatory moments are over, the trader finds himself in an extremely interesting situation. On the one hand, the student is in the past and observes quite old quotes. On the other hand, to the right of the desired date is the impenetrable emptiness.
Being in this situation, a trader can test his understanding of the market and his trading strategy extremely quickly.
For example, my analysis of the current situation, based on graphic figures, tells me that a head and shoulders figure was formed. Solely for the sake of simplicity, let us imagine that for making a decision on the purchase or sale I am no longer interested in anything, only the presence of the technical analysis figure. Further, my system requires that I set the sell stop below the support level, and also set the stop loss and take profit with sizes of 100 and 200 points, respectively.
And now the magic begins: pressing just one button leads to the fact that in about 5 seconds the program manages to draw about 100 candles of historical data and automatically close the deal (in our case it happened at stop loss, since the price did not reach only 7 points to take profit - indicated by a blue line).
How much time would it take a trader to realize the same deal in real time? Let's count together: 100 candles * 4 hours = 400 hours (or almost 17 trading days, that is, approximately 23 calendar days).
Of course, not every trader uses exactly 4-hour timeframe. But even if your ideal time frame is M1, then for passing 100 candles on the history of the program it will take the same 5 seconds, while on a demo it will result in 100 minutes (6000 seconds), which is 1200 times longer! Testing strategies on weekly charts will save you many years of life.
And again, no one bothers to open a new deal for us immediately after the previous one is closed, if required by your trading system. Thus, you can spend as little as 1 evening to test your strategies, and immediately find out whether the strategy is profitable and, therefore, whether to use it on a real account. Or you can spend months or even years for exactly the same testing on a demo or live account.
Some traders claim that historical data is the past, the market is changing, and blindly trusting what worked before is not worth it. But after all, the half a year on which you checked the data on the demo is already a story, but, nevertheless, you will rely on them in your analysis.
If your competitors started testing their strategies six months ago, and you did not do this, then you can quickly catch up with them and then overtake. It took them: 6 months * 30 days * 24 hours * 60 min = 259,200 minutes.
Also in defense of testing on historical data, we can say the following: if your strategy does not work on historical data, then it will not even work in the real market.Therefore, at least you get a chance to identify an unprofitable strategy and in no case go with it to the real market - thus you will save your money.
So, on a quality tester program to test your strategy, it will take at least 1200 times less time, namely: 259,200 / 1,200 = 216 minutes (only 3 and a half hours, or the evening of one working day). When choosing the time frame H1 - it takes 216/60 = 3 and a half minutes + some time to stop the test, analysis and decision making (this component cannot be predicted, since it varies from trader to trader). And once again we recall about the saved nerves and money ...
In this article, I showed you how programs for testing strategies save you time and energy, allowing you to gain an advantage over traders who came to the market before you
On the market there are both free and paid programs with significantly enhanced capabilities. In MAIL 5 you will find Forex Tester 3 and installation instructions for use in English. At one time I bought it for myself, I do not regret it.
Forex Tester simulates the Forex market with genuine realism. You can test strategies and hone your trader skills on (simulated) years of data, spending only a few hours of real time.
How is this possible? Forex Tester deals with real price movements that took place on the market and were recorded and entered into databases. It’s like recording music, where you can jump ahead, pause, resume, and jump again to any interesting moment.
Learn to understand the real situation on the market - this will allow you to achieve positive results in a significantly shorter period of time than ever before.
Learn how to exit losing trades as quickly as possible, minimizing losses. Learn how to take profits and go on time before the market turns around and destroys all your earnings.
  Find out which system is the most profitable for you - Do not operate on conjectures! Test your strategy and find out once and for all whether it works or not!
You can test more than one advisor at a time and at the same time continue to monitor all the changes that occur during the operation of Forex Tester.
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